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Calories are your bodies' fuel. So they aren't all bad. However, when you consume more calories than are used by your body they are stored in the form of fat. That's why it's important to assess your lifestyle to arrive at an appropriate calorie intake. A sedentary lifestyle (office desk work for example) would require less calories as compared to an active lifestyle (e.g. that of an athlete). Based on your inputs this calculator will provide you with your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and how much approximately your Average Daily Calorie intake should be.



How does this tool help me?

The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the base rate at which your body consumes calories for basic metabolic functions like maintaining internal temperature, repairing cells, pumping blood, powering muscles at rest, etc. In other words, it is the rate at which your body consumes calories when at rest. Most diet and exercise programs focus on what kinds of food to eat, which exercises are best for weight loss and toning, etc. That's sensible, since both diet and exercise have to be adjusted to maintain a preferred weight range and a healthy body.

Note: The results you receive from this tool are not intended to be a substitute for individual medical advice in diagnosing a health/lifestyle problem. They are provided to give you an estimate of results based on professionally accepted formulae and algorithms.

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